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Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Held First CMEF Indonesia

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Mar 6 to 8, the first CMEF Indonesia was held by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions with the assistance of Reed Indonesia. Ms. Yang Liu, Deputy Secretary of Sinopharm Party Committee and Chairwoman of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, was present at the opening ceremony.

CMEF Indonesia is an important measure and concrete practice of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions actively responding to the national “Belt and Road” initiative and resolutely implementing Sinopharm Group’s “going global” strategy. In accordance with the company's "13th Five-Year Plan", after nearly two years of overseas market research and project preparation, with the strong support of the Group, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions made the breakthrough overseas exhibition come true. This achievement has been recognized and encouraged by many of the nearly 200 customers such as Sinopharm International, Mindray, David, SonoScape, Comen, Yuwell, Landwind, BIOLIGHT, Primed, TOP, KIMED, Erbe, etc. from 8 countries of China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, India. Nearly 400 medical device products were displayed on an area of over 5,000 square meters attracting an audience of 5,000. During the exhibition, more than 10 forums and business events were held, covering product introduction and the latest policy interpretation. More than 100 clinicians attended the two-day public hospital academic conference. The supply and demand matching conference provided for about 300 business talks. These meetings and events played an active role in promoting exhibitors' understanding of the Indonesian medical market and received wide acclaim.

During the exhibition, Yang Liu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinopharm Group and Chairwoman of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, accompanied by Hu Kunping, General Manager of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, and Li Chao and Zhou Yiwei, Deputy General Managers, together with Mr. Ye Jianyi, President of Reed Asia Pacific, and Ms. Lin Chunfeng, Managing Director of Reed Singapore, met with Wang Liping, the Minister-Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Indonesia. They all attended the opening ceremony with the guests of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health of Jakarta, the Indonesian Public Hospital Association, and the China-Indonesia Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation Association. The minister-counsellor gave high praise to CMEF Indonesia. “It is different from other exhibitions held in Indonesia. CMEF Indonesia not only brings Chinese companies, but also brings many international manufacturers. It is a true international medical specialized exhibition."

The exploratory attempt of the first CMEF Indonesia has achieved the expected results. Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions will sum up experience and enhance the international operation level and comprehensive strength. At the same time, it will conduct long-term and in-depth research on the Indonesian health market, explore new potentials, find new opportunities, pave the way for expanding overseas markets, and lay the foundation for the internationalization of the company's business. The strategic goal of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions is not only to “go global”, but also to “go steady” and “go far”. (Reported by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions)

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